Habits and Vices

Habits and Vices

The Nightcap

Nightcap for June 19th, 2018


“I’m against picketing but I don’t know how to show it.” – Mitch Hedberg

Old Habits Die Hard

Humans are a habitual species. We typically go to the same grocery stores, sit in the same seats in college lectures, use the same bathroom stall at work, and stick to a diet of foods we know and enjoy.

Even the most adventurous among us subconsciously prescribe to routine behavior. We just can’t help ourselves – It’s programmed in our DNA.

And it’s actually not a bad thing, even though most of us bristle at the idea of conforming to society. Predictable behavior is what monitors law and production. If we weren’t the type to respond to stimuli and adjust our behavior accordingly, things like stop lights and police tape simply wouldn’t work.

As this one comedian hilariously explains, if we weren’t innately designed to follow protocol, we would have the ability to REALLY mess with each other.

(We’re not suggesting you actually DO any of the things he mentions, but if you decide to, please YouTube it!)

Coffee With A Side Of Weed

Awhile back, an article surfaced that stated psychopaths were more likely to drink their coffee black than any other way. So, social media, being the mass manufacturer of unverifiable crappy information it is, started proclaiming anyone who drinks their coffee black is more likely to be a serial killer. Which is a COMPLETELY different sentiment than what the article actually stated.

It was one of those “little gems of knowledge” people love to regurgitate but isn’t actually based in fact. Plus, as a borderline psychopath myself, I can promise you my coffee is ALWAYS diluted with a shit ton of cream and sugar.

Well, now there may be a solution to all these supposed straight-coffee-drinking-psychos out there.

You can now get THC-infused coffee pods for your home or office, which sounds like a fantastic way to start your morning and possibly curb your desire to go on a killing spree.

The “It” Factor

There are plenty of people with raw talent that flock to shows like American Idol to try to get a chance at stardom. But it’s the ones that have a remarkable story who seem to have a little something extra.

Watch this singer blow the audience and panel of judges away.