Strange Bars and "Dirty" Girls

Strange Bars and “Dirty” Girls

The Nightcap

Nightcap for 2018-6-22


The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.

Jim Hightower

Shiny, New Things

If you’re a food enthusiast or just love trying out new bars and restaurants, then you’re probably aware that it’s near impossible to find a typical bar with typical food and typical service.

It makes sense: owning a restaurant is an astronomically stressful undertaking. They say that if your restaurant doesn’t succeed in the first six months, you’re a goner. (No pressure or anything).

Plus, new restaurants, coffee shops, delis, bars, and clubs are popping up like Charlie Sheen herpes flair ups, so each new place has to compete for the attention of patrons. And usually, high business volume is contingent on having something unique that no other restaurant offers.

It also means that people working within the industry are forced to come up with new methods to fancy-up their job description and make them really shine.

Here are some of the interesting trends occurring throughout the bar industry all over America.

 The “Dirrty” Girl Gets “Dirrty” Again

A few exciting pieces of news:

For starters, Christina Aguilera – superstar singer extraordinaire and The Voice panelist – is coming out with a new album.

Awesome! We miss our “dirrty” girl with the voice of an angel and the stage presence of a sinner.

She’s also already started shooting photos for her cover and… well… the pictures don’t disappoint (albeit they leave very little to the imagination). Candid, raw, and painfully beautiful, “the Genie In A Bottle” singer looks stunning, particularly for someone whose body has undertaken the responsibility of baring two children.

Appropriately titled “Liberation”, it would appear that this pop star is liberating more than just her vocal cords. While I’m sure these photos will offend many, it’s hard not to admire such raw beauty and confidence. Hell, in one picture she doesn’t even appear to be wearing makeup. That’s BOLD.

What do you think of these photos?

Rogan & Zahabi – Flow state optimal training

Joe Rogan and Firas Zahabi, the head coach of some of the greatest fighters in MMA history, talk about optimal training techniques for everyone. To sum it, train more – not harder.

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