Say Goodbye To Privacy

Say Goodbye To Privacy

The Nightcap

Nightcap for July 5th, 2018


“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” Mark Twain

Mind-Reading Ads

It has probably happened to you a million times – at least once this week alone:

You buy a mattress on Amazon or you download a real estate app because you’re looking at rentals or you google some video about Alex Jones you heard was funny.

The next day, you’re on Facebook and suddenly you are inundated with ads and articles and page suggestions for Macy’s bedding, Breitbart, and Trulia.

This is in no way an accident. In fact, this is how advertisers make their money in the online space. Algorithms are used to find buying and behavioral patterns of citizens (including collecting whatever other data they can on you) in order to target a specific audience and get them to think a certain way and buy a certain way.

Well, Californian business mogul, Alastair Mactaggart is having NONE of that. And because he just so happens to be excessively wealthy, he just helped incentivize a motion that would help citizens reclaim their online privacy.

This could potentially change the face of online marketing. Read about it, here.


Just when you think law enforcement can’t get much more Orwellian, they keep coming up with new proposals that questionably infringe on our privacy.

I’m all for implementing cost-effective and efficient ways to enforce the law, but this new highway patrol program in Ohio is a bit unnerving. The Ohio Department of Transportation is in the midst of a project that will essentially have drones patrolling the highways instead of cops.

This is annoying for a number of reasons. For one, it’s near impossible to flirt your way out of a speeding ticket with a drone. Secondly, it’s just another example of job opportunities being replaced by machines. Thirdly, who the hell wants to see all these drones flying around? That’s quite the eyesore.

Here are the specifics regarding this particular program. My assumption is that if it proves to be successful, we can expect it to become the national norm.

Offended By Everything

These days it seems impossible to make jokes (or any statement really) without offending someone.

Watch one man’s hysterical struggle here