You're Now Entering Millennial World

You’re Now Entering Millennial World

The Nightcap

Nightcap for July 9th, 2018


“I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don’t believe I deserved my friends.” – Walt Whitman

As If I Can’t Sing

I have lived through over 3 decades, and the one that most shaped my character is undeniably the 1990’s.

All eras are spectacular and character-shaping in their own right, but the 90’s supersedes pretty much every other period – maybe even the 60’s.

I mean, sure we didn’t have magic acid buses or Woodstock. But we ARE solely responsible for Justin Timberlake and mix-tapes, so suck it, hippies!

You know what else we can claim fame for? Clueless. That movie embodied every boy or girl’s fantasy – but for totally different reasons. Girls dreamt they could one day grow up to be a self-serving, beautiful member of the higher echelons, and boys finally were given the go-ahead to sleep with their hot step-sisters (gross).

It was also a good lesson in how to be crappy to your friends, teachers, and admirers, so there was that. But I swear, it really WAS good!

Watch in this episode of Lip Sync Battle as Alicia Silverstone’s reclaims her Cher “Rockstar” status and blows the crowd away

The Hempisphere

Marijuana is a super plant for many reasons. No, not just because it gets you high or because CBD oil has health benefits ranging from being rich in Omega 3s to having anti-inflammatory properties.

The marijuana plant itself, not just the buds, can be used in astonishing ways that have absolutely nothing to do with consumption.

Hemp can be used to produce energy, hygiene products, construction materials, and more. The hemp plant can do a ton of things – and is far more sustainable/eco-friendly than cotton or wood. So why isn’t America jumping on the hemp bandwagon? Probably because it’s simply not profitable for large companies invested in oil or hardware.

Here are some of the crazy things you can do with hemp (if you aren’t convinced yet how valuable the leafy green is).

Millenials vs Baby Boomers

In this video, a millennial interviews a baby boomer and the result is priceless