Hidden Dangers of Technology

Hidden Dangers of Technology

The Nightcap

Nightcap for July 10th, 2018


“I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.” – Will Rogers

Help Me, Siri

With so many security devices and technological advances like Smart TV and Alexa on the market, it would appear we are living in some pretty convenient, safe, and awesome times.

If your house is properly safeguarded, it would be virtually impossible for a burglar or intruder to break in; what with all the alarms, infrared cams, and alert systems most homes are rigged with these days. Hell, you hear someone breaking into your house, all you have to say is “Alexa, call 911”. However, even that is probably unnecessary because most smart, security devices already send alerts to the authorities at any sign of danger.

And this is all well and good until you realize it could totally backfire and you may end up being tortured and gaslighted in your own home via technology.

In this article, the NY Times exposes a new type of domestic terrorism and it has nothing to do with direct interaction with another human being.

Lust and Loot

We’ve all heard about “the honeymoon stage” of a relationship. Most of us have even experienced it, probably more often than we care to admit. You know the drill: the first few months are filled with kisses in the rain, spontaneous trips to faraway resorts, talk of how many kids you will one day want to have. You hang onto their every word — like they are beautiful sonnets composed by the world’s most intelligent philosopher.

Oh and the sex! Sooooo much earth-shattering sex!

But in the back of our minds, we all are mentally and emotionally preparing for the other shoe to drop. Because it WILL drop.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with coming to terms with the reality that your S.O. is bereft of certain qualities. That’s normal. You aren’t exactly absent of some undesirable traits yourself. Real dating happens once the serotonin overdrive in your brain has subsided and you have to decide via rational if this other person is worth your time – flaws and all.

And it’s not just your heart you have to worry about, your finances can take a huge hit while in the throes of love, as was the experience of this writer.

Supportive Dads

When your child tells you that they are gay, you probably go through a wide range of emotions – from anger to surprise to fear and then (hopefully) to acceptance. These dads not only accepted their homosexual children but did a little something extra to show their support.

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