Willy Wonka's Inferno

Willy Wonka’s Inferno

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Nightcap for 2018-7-12


“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
― Robert Frost

Willy Wonka’s Inferno

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.

There is something about making correlations most of society never thought of that makes you feel just a tad more superior and intellectual than everybody else. It’s like you’ve joined a secret club that’s privy to some grand truth powerful enough to expose the rest of society for what it really is.

Most conspiracy theories are totally bogus and rooted in fear or an overzealous imagination. The rest of the time, they end up being scarily accurate.

I can’t confirm that this particular conspiracy theory regarding the beloved “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and “Dante’s Inferno” is correct. I can, however, confirm that the comparisons are eerily similar.

Is one of our childhood movies really based around a 14th-century poem about the seven layers of hell? Read about it here.

A Toast To Celebrity Roasts

Comedy Central has been doing celebrity roasts for quite some time now, and every season they seem to get darker and funnier.

The first known “roast” in America was held at the New York Friars Club with Maurice Chevalier as the guest of honor. The Friars Club was also the first known venue to have comedic roasts as the central basis of their business model.

In recent times, the art of roasting has become exceedingly popular with celebrities like Bob Saget, Justin Bieber, and Martha Stewart appearing on Comedy Central’s frequent roasts. Reddit even has a category dedicated to average citizens wanting strangers to completely trample all over their dignity and self-worth (because high school didn’t do enough damage already).

One of the most popular roasts in recent times guest-starred Rob Lowe. However, once the hosts started the show, it appeared that Ann Coulter – not Lowe -was the one REALLY in the hot seat.

And it was about as brutal and hilarious as you probably could guess.

Thai cave rescue: Officials release 1st video of rescued boys in hospital

Thai officials have released the first footage of the soccer team, their coach and their rescuers recovering in hospital after their ordeal of being trapped in a cave in northern Thailand for 18 days.

Let’s hope the rest of those boys find safety soon. Watch Here