Wading Into Uncharted Waters

Wading Into Uncharted Waters

The Nightcap

Nightcap for July 30th, 2018


“The kids didn’t call me Amy Schumer; they called me Amy Jewmer. One summer, I’ll never forget this, all the kids took turns throwing handfuls of pennies at me. I know, I was like, ‘Excuse me — this is awesome!'” – Amy Schumer

ISIS on Grindr

If you’re not familiar with the dating site, Grindr, don’t worry you aren’t really missing out on anything. That is unless you are a gay man looking to hook up with seedy guys while investing as little effort and time as possible.

In which case, I don’t know why you’re still reading this. You should be setting up your profile STAT!

Grindr is like Burger King: it’s fast, has questionable meat, and you leaves you feeling satisfied but also a little guilty.

This inspired one comedian to re-enact what would happen if ISIS decided to recruit members on Grindr… yes, the results are as hilariously wrong as they sound.

Watch the clip here.

Rolling With My Homies

Being the “DJ” for a party or gathering is a huge responsibility. I’m from the “old school days” where DJs actually had to use records and blend transitions to keep the beat going without it sounding like a train wreck.

While my preference in DJ styling is somewhat pretentious, I recognize that there is still a lot that goes into using computerized equipment – first and foremost you have to be able to both read and engage a crowd at all times.

This means knowing when not to play Louis Armstrong at a bar mitzvah or Lynyrd Skynyrd at a predominantly-black wedding or Florida Georgia Line at…well… anything. (Except maybe an NRA convention).

Speaking of great DJs, one Uber driver decided to create his own Spotify lists (inspired by different types of passengers he had), and the results are both accurate and hilarious. Apparently, customers love his music so much, they personally request him.

Now THAT’S a good DJ!

Leap Of Faith

Tom Cruise has a lot of experience doing his own stunts, so it was no surprise when Tom took James Corden to the California desert to show him that jumping out of an airplane isn’t as easy as it looks.

Watch it here