Good Ol' Law And Order

Good Ol’ Law And Order

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Nightcap for August 6th, 2018


“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” – Aristotle

How do you ‘stand-your-ground’ without a gun?

There has been a great deal of drama swarming around the Florida “stand-your-ground” law lately.

With the recent issue involving a white male shooting an unarmed black male—and using the stand-your-ground law as a defense—it comes as no surprise that everyone is debating the law at face value.

Now, Florida has passed a law that confiscates guns from those who ‘might’ have a criminal background or who ‘might’ be deemed harmful to others.

But who makes this judgment call on whether the person is harmful to society or not?

Additionally, doesn’t this law conflict in some way with the law that states Floridians have a right to shoot others if they feel threatened? It seems as if passing laws have become the only solution to the problem of gun control…even if the laws conflict with one another and fail to address the real issue of safety.

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Cops don’t get enough respect

With the violence invading our daily lives it’s more important than ever to keep a thriving police force active and engaged.

In the media, the police are rarely thanked and worse yet they are often scrutinized for overexerting their power.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with all police officers and this should be something that the public takes into consideration.

This is a prime example of the public not appreciating something simply because they don’t understand the value. Can you really imagine if members of the police department simply walked away from their jobs and left us all to fend for ourselves?

Would we do a better job of protecting ourselves or one another? Probably not.

It seems as if the only way we will ever appreciate what others do for us will be to lose that very thing. Only then will we see just how important their contribution was to our lives and well-being.

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DashCam Confessional

With all the recent hostility towards cops, it’s important for us to remember they are people like you and I. Need proof?

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