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No Laughing Matter

The Nightcap

Nightcap for August 7th, 2018


“A man is what he thinks about all day long.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Alexa, Are You There?

Most of us, undoubtedly, have given a fair amount of grief to our elders about how little they understand technology. Navigating things like the internet, phone apps or a car Bluetooth system comes so naturally for us that it’s easy to overlook the difficulty they cause someone who grew up with a typewriter and phone book.

To this day, my 80-something-year-old grandma believes I screen her calls, and she isn’t totally wrong. If I’m on a date or at the gym and I see her number come up… I may send it to voicemail.

However, what she IS totally wrong about is how I go about screening her phone calls. She seems to think we’re still living in the days of the home answering machine where you can hear people as they leave a voicemail. So, 99% of her messages start with, “Hey, this is your grandma. Are you there? Pick up if you’re there. Hello? Anyone home?”

No matter how many times I (or anybody else) has tried to explain that that’s not how voicemail works, it doesn’t ever seem to get through her adorably-naive skull.

Watch this hysterical SNL skit throwing shade at old people using Alexa and tell us about your funny experiences with older people not understanding technology.

Tribute To Comedy

New York is home to thousands of museums, art galleries, theatres, galas, late night shows and libraries. It’s where people who want to break into the arts go and where some of the world’s best writing and music was inspired.

New York is where Broadway actresses, basketball players, and rappers have the opportunity to make it big: a place where legacy pulses a sense of hope and possibility in every one of its residents.

Even in a small town like Jamestown, this ripple effect can be felt. Birth home of the late and great, Lucille O’Ball, this unpresuming town in upstate New York boasts one of the country’s most prominent museums dedicated to comedy.

With tons of paraphernalia from some of history’s greatest comedians, this might prove to be one of the few museums younger people actually WANT to patron.

Check it out, here.

“Ew!” with Britney Spears

In this episode of “Ew!” Sara and her camp BFF Abby (Britney Spears) show each other Throwback Thursday Instagram photos and play Fashion Freeze.

Watch the clip here