Realities Of Life

Realities Of Life

The Nightcap

Nightcap for August 14th, 2018


“Mother Teresa didn’t walk around complaining about her thighs – she had shit to do.” – Sarah Silverman

The Birds and The Beers

Do you remember learning about the birds and the bees? Maybe you stumbled upon your parent’s hidden VHS collection of 70’s porn, or maybe Billy from the 6th grade told you about it on the school bus. Maybe you lucked out, and your dad just handed you a book with drawings and left you up to your own devices…

The sex talk is undoubtedly important, but why don’t we place such importance on how beer is made? After all, beer can have just as many variables as sex.

It can be awesome, horrible, make you sick, or make you do things you regret and that have lasting consequences…

Every household should have a “yeast-and-hops” talk so that every child can enter adulthood, equipped with knowledge.
If you have children or are thinking about having children (or perhaps you realize you don’t have a firm grasp on how beer is born), then here ya go!

(Also, maybe leave out the wale part, so you don’t scare the children. That is unless your goal is to KEEP them from drinking. Then, by all means…)

Fey-ning Interest

Tina Fey is the perfect blend of adorable, likable, and down-right hysterical. in other words, she’s like a goddamn unicorn – there’s just not very many women that can look THAT attractive while being THAT crude, which is why both men and women adore her.

Now, I don’t know if most women actually care that Fey can look smoking-hot in glasses or that her hair is extra shiny. We really only care about the fact that she’s incredibly relatable and has no problem being the poster child for the “ugly” side of the female sex.

In this perfect montage, Fey’s character from 30 Rock perfectly summarizes what every woman is thinking, pretty much every second or the day).

Weed Delivery

Just when you thought stoners couldn’t be any lazier, Canada makes it possible to have marijuana delivered to your home.

Learn more here