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On The Bright Side

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Nightcap for August 20th, 2018


“I have no limits, no filter, no class, no poise. No decorum. Just fun.” – Kathy Griffin

Black Jeopardy With A White Nationalist

In case you aren’t 80 years old, Jeopardy is a game show that gives the answer to a question that its guests are supposed to guess.

Despite being very popular, it rarely includes comedy… Until now, that is.

SNL decided to spoof the gameshow by having their own version called “Black Jeopardy” which includes African-American nationalists (played by SNL comedians) and one white nationalist sporting the “Make America Great Again” red hat (played impeccably by actor Tom Hanks).

The skit brings surprising laughs that you just wouldn’t expect and truly does an amazing job of lightening up the pain, struggle, and tension of race relations and politics today. Want to take a load off and laugh for a minute? Then you might want to check this video out!

Science Is Awesome

There probably aren’t many people who would argue the fact that the state of affairs regarding our planet is pretty dismal and bleak.

With human’s continual need to simplify our lives, we have slowly eradicated pretty much all of our natural resources, causing a lot of damage and pollution in our wake. One of the biggest pitfalls of these advancements is excessive carbon dioxide output.

But if history had taught us anything, it’s that the need for survival pretty much always lends itself to scientific innovations that curtail our chance of extinction. In other words, humans have managed to cheat death multiple times throughout history.

Now, science has provided a possible means of decreasing carbon dioxide emissions in the form of something called magnesite. While the project is in the infantile stages, if things go according to plan, this mineral could potentially be the biggest thing since solar power technology.

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Play That Funky Music

Kids who play in the band in high school are often labeled as “geeks”, but this recreation of a popular Rage Against The Machine song would prove otherwise…

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