Love It Or Hate It

Love It Or Hate It

The Nightcap

Nightcap for August 21st, 2018


“No enemy is worse than bad advice.” – Sophocles

Peyton’s New Plays

Football enthusiasts all have their “team”. Whether it’s because they were born into it, have a favorite player, or they have money on a fantasy line-up, followers take quite a vested interest in who is hitting who.

Loving a football team is very similar to being in a tumultuous, romantic relationship – there’s a lot of ups and downs and you never really know when someone is just gonna up and switch teams on you.

Regardless of who you root for, there are definitely some players that are loved across the board. Even if they play for one of your rival teams, you can’t help but have those warm fuzzy feelings when you see them on TV.

Peyton Manning is a member of that category. Yeah, maybe you hate his big forehead and the way he says Omaha like it’s the national security code for freeing the pandas, but he is one of the most likable players in football.

Serious, just try saying you hate him while watching this hysterical video… Tell me you don’t want to just adopt him and his football-field of a forehead.

The Not-So-Happiest Place On Earth

Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse in 1928 and has ruined the lives of every parent, ever since.

As a golden rule, you can pretty much assume anything that a kid loves, their parents will hate: dolls that talk, toys that make noise, legos that hurt to step on, pretty much anything that requires a lot of assembly… and yes, even Disney World.

Parents like to see their kids happy which is why they are willing to fork over beaucoup bucks to stand in long lines in 90-degree heat to watch life-size cartoon characters sing and dance.

And while I understand some parents genuinely love to spend their time doing just that, I think most parents feel more like this guy when they are dragged into this nightmare.

Book Worms

Random people on a city street were asked about the last book they read, and let’s just say, this is where the laughs begin… They struggle with naming any book, let alone the last one that they read.

It goes to show that social media has truly replaced social reading on a grand scale! Watch the video here and get your laugh on