Human Eccentricities

Human Eccentricities

The Nightcap

Nightcap for August 22nd, 2018


“I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult.” Rita Rudner

Us vs. Them

The world is divided into all sorts of self-proclaimed groups: Republicans vs. Democrats, meat-eaters vs. vegetarians, Catholics vs. Atheists, cilantro-lovers vs. cilantro-haters. We find camaraderie in those that are similar to us or who hold the same values.

Self-identity is a critical part of who we are, so finding like-minded people is essentially reinforcing our own sense of importance and self-worth.

According to Neuroendocrinologist, Robert Sapolsky, the positive feedback loop that happens when we encounter people similar to us is inherent and biological. In large, a feel-good hormone called oxytocin is to blame for why you may get so excited when you meet someone else that enjoys Zack Brown as much as you do.

In this latest video by Big Think, Sapolsky delves into just how crucial oxytocin has been throughout history for forming social groups.

Things That Make You Go

Intelligence can be measured in numerous ways and the standard for which it is held may also vary, depending on who is making that judgment call and what it is concerning.

That’s why things like the SATs, aptitude tests, IQ tests, and job interviews are implemented – there has to be some standard by which others can discern your level of ability.

In my humble opinion, these tests don’t tell you crap about how smart an individual is. I don’t give a crap if Billy Joe has an IQ of 140 if he can’t keep up with my Helen Keller jokes. (Also, I realize no one named Billy Joe has ever had an IQ of 140, so that was a bad example).

In my opinion real intelligence surfaces in the form of witty banter, humorous one-liners, and random observations.

Here are 29 examples of just how brilliant and twisted the human mind can be.

Car Super Star

We are all guilty of this one act: performing our hearts out while driving alone. For a brief moment, we forget about the others that sit in traffic next to us or who might drive past. We either forget or we simply don’t care, either way, we look crazy!

If you’ve ever wanted to know what others see when they drive past you during your “performance” then you might want to check out this video