Bearer Of Bad News

Bearer Of Bad News

The Nightcap

Nightcap for August 28th, 2018


“If youth knew; if age could.” – Sigmund Freud

Bogus Booze Claims

Most humans tend to allow their opinions and desires dictate facts — not the other way around. That’s why when we come across a study that supports a habit we enjoy, we are pretty quick to jump on the bandwagon without questioning the validity or motive behind the research.

It’s why coffee drinkers rejoice whenever a new study comes out declaring the benefits of our favorite, caffeinated drink. It’s why people that love bread are the first to share an article on how gluten isn’t bad for you. And it’s the reason any time a study that suggests the flavonoids in red wine or the polyphenols in beer are positive for your health, we suddenly flock to the aisles of our local liquor store in droves.

The thing is – flavonoids and polyphenols (ingredients most people have no freak’in clue how to pronounce or what they even do) can be found in many other foods and drinks besides adult beverages. Also, they don’t negate the bad effects of alcohol.

So, while I love my brunch mimosas and wine with dinner, I come bearing some sad news: alcohol simply isn’t good for your health, no matter what kind or how much you partake in.

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Another Day, Another Mass Shooting

When mass shootings are perpetrated by kids, most people like to suggest excessive use and exposure to violent video games could be the cause.

While this explanation hasn’t seemed to hold much water in past years, perhaps it did play a factor in this weekend’s latest tragedy.

Last night in Jacksonville, Florida, a group of Madden players found themselves at the end of a barrel held by a fellow teammate — unfortunately, nothing about this situation was fantasy or game-related.

At least 11 Madden players were shot, causing three deaths including the shooter who turned the gun on himself.

Another incomprehensible act of violence in what should have been a safe and fun environment for our youth. Here are the details.


People have a lot of regrets on their death bed – whether it’s never traveling, letting the love of their life get away, or not spending enough time with their kids.

This hilarious spoof addresses the dumb things we spend time worrying about NOW and how inconsequential they will be when we’re faced with our own death.