Welcome To The 21st Century

Welcome To The 21st Century

The Nightcap

Nightcap for September 7th, 2018


“We all have to lead double lives, not just celebrities. The face we put on publicly with our jobs and certain situations. I think that’s part of the human condition.” Greg Kinnear

Celebrity Dating And Why We Still Care

Watching celebrities and their lifestyle is like watching a never-ending soap opera…

With the flick of the wrist and the twitch of the hand, celebrities bounce back and forth from one person to the other. We can’t keep up with their dating patterns and we can’t seem to understand why we so desperately want to.

Is it that watching celebrities live their lives helps us to avoid the painful reality of our own? Or maybe our loneliness is somehow not so bad when we see just how happy our favorite celebrity is with her new guy.

Either way, we must take a step back and realize that whether celebrities date one another or our next door neighbor, it still has nothing at all to do with us. It won’t make us richer, poorer, smarter or faster…it will only keep us living in a haze of smoke that forces us to remain blind to our own issues.

Who knows…maybe that’s the whole point.

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Social media wants your kids to die…literally

There are a few ‘games’ on social media that intentionally set your children up to commit suicide.

Thus far, several children have lost their lives as a direct result of following the instructions for these games.
BWhat’s a parent to do? Oh, that’s easy! Stop letting the games take control of their children. Instead, PARENTS need to get back the control they had prior to the era of online gaming.

It’s often so easy for parents to allow their children to be babysat by the video games they play. Here parents fail to remain responsible for what their children are watching and more importantly… what’s watching their children.

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Finding Love

Everyone wants and needs love in their life. The only problem is that sometimes we get in the way of the universe when it is working hard to bring that love to us.

Here’s a must see video that captures this in the form of a cartoon. See for yourself how love is just around the corner if you’d only trust fate.