Living In The Modern Age

Living In The Modern Age

The Nightcap

Nightcap for September 24th, 2018


“I learned you have to move fast, writing futuristic satire in America: Before you know it, you’re a realist!” – Jennifer Egan

Lebron Space Jam-es

Space Jam was a 1996 box-office hit that starred both Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan.

Ordinary, the concept of a highly-famous athlete joining forces with a highly-famous cartoon character to create a cinematic masterpiece is laughable. However, this movie definitely wasn’t the shitshow everyone assumed it would be. Hell, it even has a decent soundtrack.

This unlikely Box Office hit was so popular, in fact, that director Mike Coogler decided on making a sequel to the original Space Jam, starring King James himself.

While such news is pretty exciting, there are no guarantees that the reboot will be as great as the original. Only time will tell.

To learn more about the new Space Jam and Lebron James, click here.

Idolizing IKEA

For as many complaints as people make regarding the furniture store chain, IKEA, it’s pretty amazing that they are still in business. Not many other companies could withstand that much bad press and STILL have people continue to show up.

Except for maybe the Catholic Church.

IKEA managed to overcome the whole “selling horse meat as hot dogs” debacle. They also manage to still be wildly popular, despite having subpar furniture whose instructions generally look like they were written by a sadistic Chinese child on the tail end of a meth bender.

However, it wouldn’t be very American of us if we still didn’t throw our money at the conglomerate. After all, we like shit that is cheap and convenient – it’s how we roll here in America.

Here are twenty all-too-real tweets about IKEA that we can all certainly relate to.

Party Time

Most dads fear the day their daughters become women. In fact, for most parents, a girl’s first period can be just as terrifying for them as it is for the girl.

This was not the case though for Bert Kreischer who decided to celebrate the milestone by throwing his daughter a period party.

Watch him explain here