All In The Name Of Science

All In The Name Of Science

The Nightcap

Nightcap for September 25th, 2018


“Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are much more pliable.” – Mark Twain

Octopi are Getting High… For Science!

Apparently, Octopuses like MDMA as much as humans, which has actually been really helpful for scientists trying to figure out our ancient genetic relationship to the relatively enigmatic cephalopods.

Why should you care you ask?

Well besides the fact that an Octopus on drugs just sounds like a hilarious thing to study, their status as invertebrates (and thus about 500 million years of divergent evolution from humans) makes them unique subjects (beneficiaries…?) of this study for scientists.

Apparently, scientist have been slipping fellow vertebrates ecstasy for years, but giving *invertebrates* molly was unknown territory.

It turns out they react a lot like humans (or mice) do, transitioning from their natural sketchy solitary selves to social butterflies that just wanted to give scientists hugs.

Tricking the Terminators: Teaching Computers to See Optical Illusions

Good news!

Apparently, we figured out Skynet’s major weakness; telling us which line looks bigger or what color the circle is.

Researchers at Brown have managed to teach computers to see optical illusions in an effort to better understand them.

You’ll likely be as disappointed as I was to learn this had nothing to do with making sure we won’t be overwhelmed by legions of Schwarzeneggers, rather the goal is to find the true natural mechanisms of our vision that allow us to see such things; something data might suggest is more than merely our eyes being tricked.

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Convince Her You’re Human with Just One Word

Okay, so maybe you don’t have to prove a lack of artificial origins on a daily basis (though I maintain its romantically impressive)…

However, scientists went ahead and figured out the best answer for the one-word Turing tests we’ll apparently be faced with in the future on account of those visually impaired terminators.