Perfect Isn't Easy

Perfect Isn’t Easy

The Nightcap

Nightcap for November 1st, 2018


“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anais Nin

Dressing The Part

There are two kinds of people in this world (save for the homeless.) people like Steve Jobs and those like Audrey Hepburn.

There are those who believe the way they dress is an extension of their personality, character and social status in life. Then there are people like me that do the sniff test to make sure something on the floor is clean.

Now, I’m not saying I can’t appreciate a great jacket or really cute boots. When “winter” finally arrives, I break out the beanies and scarfs like the rest of the basic b**ches.

All I’m saying is that I believe yoga pants and Target flip-flops are perfectly acceptable parts of a wardrobe, and I truly could give a rat’s ass who looks down on my wallet or lack of imagination for wearing such faux pas items.

That being said, this one speaker makes a very valid point regarding the importance of dressing up and now I have to start reevaluating my dress code.


Texting Etiquette

The invention of texting was single-handedly one of the best and worst things to ever happen to one-on-one communication.

In some ways, it has simplified and expedited the process in which we collect and provide information, in a user-friendly format that requires no niceties or long, drawn-out conversations. This has been a HUGE plus to those of us who despise small talk.

However, it is also responsible for creating unnecessary riffs, misunderstandings, and has opened the door to problems that were never there to begin with.

Texting can come across as dismissive, insincere, and an inaccurate representation of what we actually meant to say and convey. This is particularly true if your significant other can’t pick up on your sarcasm or jokes, forcing you to end each sentence with that obligatory “lol” even when you aren’t actually laughing out loud.

In this one hilarious montage, a man perfect summarizes every faux pas we make when texting and explains why we have to stop, like, NOW.

Rami Malek Discusses His Freddie Mercury Transformation

Rami Malek chats with Jimmy about Mr. Robot coming to an end and the key to his successful Freddie Mercury impression in the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic.

Watch the interview here