Giving Your 2 Cents

Giving Your 2 Cents

The Nightcap

Nightcap for November 2nd, 2018


“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Tell It like It Is

We live for quotes. It’s why we have them framed around the house, tattooed on our bodies, plastered on our cars and/or use them as cover photos on our Facebook page.

Quotes are short and sweet reminders that life is short, no guy is worth our pain, and that we’re not creative enough people to come up with our own words to live by but DAMMIT DOES SOMEBODY ELSE GET US!

Don’t get me wrong – I love a deep hyperbole or haiku, but not when I’ve seen it plastered in every bathroom in America. Maybe I don’t want to “LIVE LOVE AND LAUGH,” Andrea? Did you ever think of that? Now take that damn platter off your bathroom shelf before I turn it into kindling.

You know what I DO love? Quotes with a twist – something you weren’t expecting that makes you laugh. After all, isn’t that the magic behind memes?

Here is a montage of all Ron Swanson’s words to live by and you can bet your sweet ass, I’ll have these decorating my house by the end of next year.

A Giant F.U. to The U.S.

I think most people can appreciate a resounding, giant “F U!” to “the man”, which is what makes this story equally funny and powerful.

To be fair, books like the Medical Diagnostic Book (more commonly referred to as the DSM-5) is an extensive and important “bible” for anyone going into medicine. Though it has been revised each year due to new findings and new light shed on medical practices, cures, ailments, and medicines – it has collectively served as an important piece of literature to reference for both students and practitioners.

Conversely, it is compiled by certified medical board members, predominantly of the western, medical culture which means there is plenty of wiggle room for bias and uncertainty.

Which is what makes this story so powerful.

The Matses tribe of Brazil and Peru decided to construct their own book of medicine – a detailed and extensive written encyclopedia of ancient medical traditions that not only challenge medical scriptures from around the world – it is scribed in their own language so as not to be copied, challenged, or changed.

It is possibly one of the biggest “clap backs” from an ancient tribe that a first world country has ever seen, and I personally am all for it.

To learn more, click here.

The Cat Walk

The Vakoo Esmod International Fashion Show took place in Istanbul, Turkey this week and organizers got more than they bargained for when a stray invaded the show to teach models how to work the real catwalk.

Watch the adorable video here