Something To Look Forward To

Something To Look Forward To

The Nightcap

Nightcap for November 15th, 2018


“A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it.” – Bob Hope

Breaking Lost Hope

When Breaking Bad ended after five seasons, many viewers felt like a part of them died on the very day the last episode aired.

As with all, well-written television series with great acting and production, it’s hard not to get emotionally invested in the characters and plot twists that you find yourself talking about each episode like you were part of each episode.

You’re at the water cooler and suddenly find yourself in a 15-minute conversation with Susan from accounting about what happened on GOTs last night. You and your friend will have arguments over who is the best character on Stranger Things. You actually spent a good few hours crying over the loss of Jack in This is Us because you feel like he was YOUR dad…

Similarly, we as an audience get so caught up in the character and plot developments on Breaking Bad that – when it ended – it almost felt like we were ill-equipped to know how to continue on with our OWN lives.

Have no fear, though, Break Bad Bros and Hos! It has been confirmed they are officially making a movie, in part as a way to explain any open-ended questions regarding characters that weren’t really addressed in the season finale. (Also in part because they knew how we so desperately missed the gang).

There isn’t a lot of information regarding what is bound to be a cinematic masterpiece, but this is what we know so far…

Black Friday Cheer

‘Tis the season to be jolly, people! Even those of us going through a rough time right now surely can find SOME reason to get into the holiday spirit, right?

Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas, followed by New Years? That’s a lot of goddamn cheer packed into a very short few weeks.

So even if you’re broke, have recently been dumped, are estranged from your family, don’t get time off work, or are just generally depressed, there’s nothing a hot cup of cocoa and Michael Buble’s Christmas songs can’t fix… right guys?

Of course, I’m totally kidding. If the holiday season just exacerbates your sadness or frustration, that doesn’t make you a Grinch. It just makes you human.

You know what MAY help bring your spirits up a bit? Showing up for Black Friday and getting some really great deals on really great crap and maybe body slamming and elbowing your frustration out on other people in the process? It’s a win-win for you.

Then, if you choose to take Gamespot up on one of their amazing deals this year, you can go home and just shoot a bunch of stuff on your television. (I’m not a therapist or anything, but it sounds therapeutic to me!)

Here’s what Gamespot is offering this Black Friday and why you should consider buying something.

States As Vines

The United States are as beautiful as they are random just like videos on vine.

Here one group shows what the states would be like if they were vines.