L’s Across the Board

L’s Across the Board

The Nightcap

Nightcap for November 19th, 2018


“When it Rains It Pours.” – Morton Salt Company advertising [1911]

Ohh the Domestic Irony

We all know Michael Avenatti, the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels as well as some of the less reputable (and in some cases now criminal) Kavanaugh accusers.

Ironically he was recently arrested in LA, the homeland of lawyers and porn stars, on suspicion of domestic violence.

Apparently, the lawyer previously hailed as a champion of women committed the crime on Tuesday and was arrested Wednesday according to police.

Avenatti was booked on suspicion of domestic violence with injuries, according to booking records obtained by ABC. His bail was set at $50,000 and he was released for future processing.

The case will be “presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney for prosecution,” the LAPD said in a press release.

The Saga of Nathan Peterman ends

The Buffalo Bills, default punching bag of the AFC – when it’s not the Jets – finally conceded to their irate fanbase and released their 2nd-year rookie contract QB Nathan Peterman after an astoundingly atrocious brief tenure with the team.

To truly emphasize just how insanely bad an NFL quarterback can be I’ve assembled some statistics to bring it all to perspective courtesy of sports statisticians who also love memes.

1. Aaron Rodger of Green Bay could throw 1,240 consecutive interceptions on 1,240 straight passes and *still* have a better touchdown to interception ration than Peterman.

2. Nathan Peterman threw 3 interceptions and 0 touchdowns in a game and his passer rating *increased* from 20.8 to 30.7

3. Nathan Peterman leaves the Bills with a lower overall passer rating than if he had simply spiked the ball straight into the ground every play of his career.

I don’t know what else you need on this one folks, but here’s the Bills website in case you’re interested.

Brexit is Breaking Britain

“Parliament has a “clear choice” to stand up for the UK against a draft Brexit deal or allow it to break up the union and make the UK a “vassal” state.”

DUP MP Nigel Dodd’s pretty clearly epitomized the absolutely palpable tension concerning the United Kingdom’s now 2+ year foray into exiting the European Union, a promise still to be kept by prime minister Theresa May — whose party took power predicated on making that happen while maintaining certain positive aspects Britain has come to rely on.

The absolute disaster of blustering brits screeching across the aisle at each other it almost makes American politics seem enviable… almost.