Giving It All You Got

Giving It All You Got

The Nightcap

Nightcap for November 22nd, 2018


“Everything popular is wrong.” – Oscar Wilde

It’s The Little Things In Life

As soon as you invest in a human baby or fur baby, the jokes regarding manual labor start cropping up almost as quickly as unsolicited, child-rearing advise.

“Teach your dog how to grab a beer for you.” “Train your cat how to use the toilet.” “Show your little boy how to pee his name into the snow…”

You know, valuable lessons and tools your child or pet can fall back on later on in life.

Of course, among that long list of ethically-questionable chores – I mean life LESSONS – we should teach our youth how to clean. It’s important they are equipped to understand the importance of picking up toys, wiping up spilled messes, and bathing themselves.

You know what other life-lesson that really ought to be drilled into those impressionable minds as early as possible? Their way around a vacuum. If you can get your child to not only understand the mechanics of a vacuum but also how to use it, you have mastered the art of parenting.

And clearly, Dyson was the only company that listened, because they just came out with this bad boy and parents everywhere are popping bottles like its New Years Eve.

Eat The McDonald’s Diet

So, you actually believe when people tell you that you can’t eat fast food and walk away looking like you’ve worked out for decades?

Either you’re crazy or this guy is a basket-case as he dedicates one month to a diet of only McDonald’s.

The big catch to this story is that this new diet allows him to somehow lose weight and look ridiculously fit.

He even filmed his journey to show and prove that Mickey-D’s was all that he needed to look his very best.

Sneaky Cats Become Educated on Japanese Culture

If you love cats, then you will adore this video that shows just how eager two cats are to get into a Japanese museum.

As a matter of fact, the museum spends most of its time struggling to keep the cats from sneaking in!

The beautiful thing is that the employees of the museum are incredibly kind and gentle with the cats, which goes to show that felines bring out the best in us all…even when they are being mischievous.