Smarter Than The Average Bear

Smarter Than The Average Bear

The Nightcap

Nightcap for November 24th, 2018


“Humor comes from self-confidence.” – Rita Mae Brown

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Quick! What is the funniest TV series ever aired on national television?

Ok, that was kind of a trick question, mostly because there are so many good shows to choose from and each is funny in its own right. To further convolute the question, everyone has different ideas of what they deem funny.

For example, some people find shows like Seinfeld or Arrested Development or Legit not that funny. These people would be wrong and you should avoid them at all costs. Then, there are people who think Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother are comedic gold. These are probably the same people that blast Christmas music in August.

Now, while we can’t all agree on a mathematical and universal standard of humor, I would be willing to bet most of the population thought “The Office” and “Parks and Recreations” were hysterical masterminds. Because they are. Period.

So, if you are a walking encyclopedia of all the brilliant one-liners from these shows, here’s a fun quiz to test your pop culture knowledge:

Who said it: Leslie Knope or Michael Scott?

Know-It-All Takes A Fall

Have you ever wished something bad on someone? Not really
bad, but something like a small trip or fall?

Well, if not you will now.

In this short news clip reporters warn people about the dangers of snow.

A woman jogger feels she’s above it all and tells everyone why the snow is perfect for running.

Let’s just say, she proves herself wrong!

Nerds Need Love Too!

Have you ever witnessed a nerd blunder?

What’s a nerd blunder, you ask?

Well, it’s that moment where a person does something that requires little physical effort, yet they somehow screw it up completely.

We are all guilty at some point of this, but somehow there are others in the world who do it so much better!

Still doubt the possibility? You won’t much longer when you see this!