Screw The Haters

Screw The Haters

The Nightcap

Nightcap for November 25th, 2018


“Less is a bore.” – Robert Venturi

The Dreaded Curse Word

For as long as I can remember, teachers, parents, babysitters, employers – really anyone in an authoritative position – would encourage me to not use curse words. Their rational? Cussing is an indication of a limited vocabulary and an unimaginative means of communication.

To which I just have to say, “F*** that noise!”

Look, I get it. Swearing can make you come across as unrefined, undignified, unladylike, and overall, less intelligent. But as a writer who has been writing various content for various sites covering various issues, I find there to be great conviction and power in cuss words.

I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but when I interject a swear word in a conversation or via writing, I promise you If was thought out and meaningful. A carefully planned vulgarity effectively adds conviction and emphasis to your point and, no, there aren’t other ways to convey such passion and pointedness. Not the way a good ol’ fashion “shit” or “asshole” does.

And while most things I read with with skepticism and doubt, I must say I have to agree with this article regarding the value in being friends who cuss. As someone who equally appreciates the power of verbiage and the passion from which words are derived, I think everyone deserves the leniency of a good curse word here and there.

What do you think?

Kim To The Rescue

Kim Kardashian is at it again…

In case you didn’t know, Kim Kardashian is the new superwoman. She’s bionic, frees the unjustly incarcerated and looks out for the common folk.

This time Kim teamed up with Ellen to met firefighter Michael Williams and his wife Lisa, who lost their home in Southern California’s Woolsey fire. Kim presented the couple with a $100,000 donation to help rebuild their home, on behalf of Kanye West, Yeezy, and Adidas.

What can Kim not do?!?

Teenager Ignores Parents While Playing Fortnite

Parents try to enjoy their lunch with their teenage son, but all he’s focused on is the popular video game Fortnite on his iPad. Will anyone tell him to turn it off?

Watch here