Questionable Decisions

Questionable Decisions

The Nightcap

Nightcap for November 27th, 2018


:All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso

Politically Correct Pull-Ups

You all remember Celine Dion, right? She sang that one Titanic song then disappeared into Las Vegas oblivion only to recently reappear as a fashion designer.

That’s right.

Celine Dion just came out with a new line of baby clothing and subsequently, a commercial to raise awareness of her brand and I have so many questions.

Now, to be fair, from the few samples I’ve seen, the onesies and other baby accessories are pretty damn cute. But that’s pretty much where the good news ends.

First off, the baby brand is called Celinununu and that’s just one too many “nus” for my pronunciation capacity. Secondly, the philosophy behind her brand is to break down gender stereotypes. Why? Because it’s 2018 and I guess a little girl wearing pink hats could cause serious mental and emotional damage later on in life. Thirdly, these infant clothes price tags that range anywhere from $40 to upward of $100 which is so freak’in stupid because everyone knows babies are constantly blowing out their diapers or spiting up all over themselves.

But even all of that crap I just mentioned I can wrap my head around. Sort of. It’s the commercial for Celinununu that has left me completely baffled. It’s so incredibly over-the-top theatrical, I STILL can’t decide if it’s satire or not.

Watch for yourself.

Technological Doozies

I used to have a 7th-grade teacher that would continually assure us there were no stupid questions or ideas. And I’m gonna to go ahead and say only stupid people say those kinds of things.

Of course, there are stupid questions. I was at brunch the other day with a bunch of acquaintances – including a pregnant woman. We all ordered mimosas and when it came time for the pregnant woman to order, she asked the server if they made virgin mimosas.

Just stop and think about how stupid of a question that is. Go ahead. Take all the time you need.

And just as there are stupid questions, there are also stupid ideas that lead to stupid inventions. The problem is, you never know which seemingly stupid invention will actually end up being quite profitable. Take for example the selfie stick. Whoever thought THAT would have staying power.

Here are 30 tech products that seemed like a good idea at the time, only to completely bomb.

Message from Jeff Bezos – SNL

In this hilarious skit, Jeff Bezos (Steve Carell) responds to President Trump’s criticisms about the locations of Amazon’s new headquarters.