Let's Get Real About Health Care

Let’s Get Real About Health Care

The Nightcap

Nightcap for November 30th, 2018


“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

The Anti Anti-Vax Argument

When I quit smoking several years back, I’d like to brag and say I had the self-discipline to do it cold turkey, but alas I don’t have much self-control. (Thus, the reason I took up smoking in the first place).

I tried the gum, patches, even vape, and nothing worked. Needless to say, it was an expensive and frustrating period of trial-and-error. The prescription drug, Chantix, was what ended up being my saving grace to quit my smoking habit, and while this article has nothing to do with Chantix and Chantix in no way paid me to endorse them – I highly recommend it if you’re looking for an effective means to quit smoking cigs.

So, why am I bringing up Chantix? Because I feel like Chantix and vaccines are kind of on the same frontline of medical focus, blame, hatred, and ammunition.

Whenever I mention Chantix to a smoker, it is ALWAYS met with a lot of hemming and hawing, followed by anecdotal stories about how bad it can be for you and all the crazy side-effects. To which, I gladly point out that none of these side-effects is even an iota as bad for you as… well… FILLING YOUR LUNGS UP WITH NICOTINE AND ABOUT ANOTHER 1,000 CARCINOGENS.

And that’s pretty similar to my argument when “anti-vaxxers” talk about all the bad “stuff” found in vaccinations. Is there potential, harmful toxins in those shots? I have no fucking clue. Don’t be too shocked by this:!I’m not a doctor. But I know whatever those side effects are, they’re damn sure better than effing polio.

This one nurse’s solution to the anti-vax movement is nothing short of brilliant.

Ant Season

Apparently, flu season is upon us and (quite frankly) I have no idea wtf that even means because I feel like every goddamn week is “flu season.”

I work in an office in close corridors with a few dozen other people. I have a 3-year-old who might as well be cast as one of those cartoon mucus monsters in the Mucinex commercials because he’s in preschool, so he’s just “disease” and “bacteria” epitomized.

So, yeah… pretty much myself or someone I know is sick every…single… day… of my life. So, whatever this flu “season” is, it sounds like someone made it up along with Valentine’s Day and Santa Clause and the female orgasm.

Part of the reason getting sick snowballs so fast within a community is because A) humans are very stubborn at admitting when we’re sick. B) were not the most sanitary bunch, and C) when we finally recognize that we actually ARE sick, it’s too late and we’ve already infected half our workplace and members at our gym with the Ebola virus or Black Plague or whatever popular disease is out.

You know who is shockingly good at keeping contagious diseases from spreading? Ants.

So next time, you’re feeling under the weather, maybe go visit an ant colony instead of an ER and here is why…

Is A-Rod Planning to Propose to J.Lo?

Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Alex Rodriguez allegedly told Ellen he’s planning to propose to the actress/singer, and Ellen attempted to find out if there was any truth to the rumor that she’s getting ready to walk down the aisle.

Watch here