Basic Bad B****

Basic Bad B****

The Nightcap

Nightcap for December 3rd, 2018


“To be alive at all involves some risk.” – Harold MacMillan

Woman Survives On Kombucha And Cake

I always knew it was possible and now it’s been proven… basic white women can survive on kombucha and cake alone.

Don’t believe me?

Take it from Terry Harnish, 72, who survived 3 days in her car on the stuff.

Yes, the 70-year-old was stranded on a country road all alone after visiting friends for Thanksgiving. Thankfully she was able to survive on diet of choice for most of us basic b****es. The only thing missing was a latte from Starbucks

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Nurse Fakes Terminal Cancer to Scam People

Now, this is just wrong…

We all know that cancer is not something to take lightly or joke about. All of us except this nurse from Ohio that is.

Apparently the Ohio State University nurse pretended to have lung cancer to scam her co-workers and friends into covering her shifts and giving her money.

Silly nurse, only Big Pharma is allowed to use cancer to scam people out of money.

However, she definitely learned the hard way after being sentenced to 2 years in prison.

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Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Official Video)

Miley is back… and less crazy.

Now that she’s feeling more like herself she’s doing her best to bring us all together.Watch her new video here