The NFL Still Doesn't Get It

The NFL Still Doesn’t Get It

The Nightcap

Nightcap for December 5th, 2018


“We have to do the right thing for 1,000 days and people are going to believe us.” – Redskins COO Brian Lafemina’s whiteboard.

More NFL Violence: 49rs Drop Reuben Foster

The NFL seems to have an unshakeable epidemic of domestic violence offenses committed by those in its ranks. And it’s really no surprise given the lackluster enforcement from the broader organization, leaving team to make individual moral choice… or not. Thankfully in this case the 49rs appear to have chosen doing good over sportsball points.

Reuben Foster, linebacker of the San Francisco 49rs was arrested by Tampa police last week. The arrest took place at the Grand Hyatt hotel where the team was staying before playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that Sunday.

The 49ers didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. But the west coast organization’s general manager John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan said in April (following a previous Foster arrest on domestic violence charges that were eventually dropped) that the team had a zero-tolerance policy on the issue.

According to the statement released by Tampa police, Foster and a 28-year-old woman were involved in an altercation Saturday night. The woman told police that during the altercation, Foster “slapped her phone out of her hand, pushed her in the chest area and slapped her with an open hand on the right side of her face,”. Police said a 1-inch scratch was observed on the woman’s left collarbone.

The 49rs were swift to make good on their purported policy and dropped Reuben Foster, despite him being a young quality player the program had invested in. ESPN has more details on the charges.

The Redskins… err, Pick up Reuben Foster…

Whelp, guess asking for 32 football teams to exhibit any modicum of self-control – let alone, I don’t know, morality was too much.

Merely a week after the 49rs dropped Reuben Foster for yet another run in with the law for physically assaulting a semi-romantic partner at a bar, The Washington Redskins went ahead and brought him aboard.

The Redskins have been pretty appallingly open about not really caring about the fact that Foster has a record of abusing women; I mean after all there are touchdowns and shiny trophies on the line!

While the upper management who undoubtedly actually made the decision have been absent to explain, they’ve put out lackey and Redskins head coach Jay Gruden who didn’t make any proclamations about whether Foster would play this season.

“We understand it’s going to be a long process for him,” Gruden told reporters. “He’s a young player. He’s made a mistake or two. At the end of the day, we decided to take a chance and deal with it.”

Gruden said he was “sure there was” some consideration of the blowback from signing a player under investigation for a second domestic violence arrest since February. Gruden declined to say who within the organization made the final call to claim Foster.

“At the end of the day, we decided to make the move,” Gruden said. “We will deal with the outcry, so to speak. For the most part this is a young athlete, a young person, who got himself into some trouble and we want to find out what happened…”
Sure Jay… sure. USA Today has more commentary from the organization’s members.

Heads Up Redskins! Chiefs Drop Star Kareem Hunt Over Shocking Video

TMZ Sports has obtained video of Kansas City Chiefs star running back Kareem Hunt shoving, bull-rushing and kicking a woman in a Cleveland hotel back in February.

While it’s been nearly a year since the NFL star back brutalized the woman, he hasn’t missed a game this season; instead he’s been the centerpiece of a top tier team possibly destined for a Super Bowl.

Whelp… guess he’ll have to try to do so with the Redskins (who no doubt will be happy to have him) as his franchise immediately fired him, claiming he had lied to them about the affair earlier in the year.

Here’s the TMZ clip, but be warned he really loses it.