The Truth Of The Matter

The Truth Of The Matter

The Nightcap

Nightcap for December 7th, 2018


“Beauty is a short-lived tyranny.” – George Bernard Shaw

Witty or Weird: You Be The Judge

Television shows, movies, airwaves, and comedy shows are all dominated by male comedians and funny actors of the XY chromosome persuasion.

So much so that, if you were to ask the average person on the street to name just a few female comedians, they most assuredly would say Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and “that bigger woman from Bridesmaids. No, not Melissa McCarthy, although she’s great, too. The OTHER bigger woman with the blonde hair and British accent.”

And they wouldn’t be wrong. All of those actresses – cumulatively and independently – have incredible talent and are bitingly witty. (By the way, that OTHER woman is Rebel Wilson, and she’s Australian NOT British if you were curious).

But as a whole, there aren’t too many well-known funny females which is a shame because a lot of vaginal talent goes unnoticed and unappreciated and no I’m not talking about in the porn industry.

Talent like Aubrey Plaza – a young actress who is best known for her roles in Parks and Recs and Dirty Grandpa. Anyone that follows Plaza’s work is probably in-tune with how odd and deadpan she comes across in her roles, but these live clips of her banter really highlight just how funny the young woman is.

I Got 99 Problems and Money is 1

Millennials pretty much get blamed for everything that happens in the world and, as a millennial myself, I have to say it’s getting a little ridiculous.

Now. I’ll give credit where credit is due. We’re totally self-absorbed (we invented selfies, Snapchat, and filters). We have god-awful taste in music (seriously, how is EDM or Kanye West a thing?) We’re lazy as f*** (at least in regards to acquiring and doing everything online) and I’m pretty sure we were the first ones to try ingesting bath salts and smoking synthetic marijuana.

But blaming my generation as the culprits for various businesses going under or becoming obsolete is contrived, ridiculous, and a little narcissistic. There are usually only three reasons a business doesn’t succeed. 1) It’s shitty 2) it’s unnecessary or 3) it’s too expensive.

According to this article from Business Insider, a significant reason millennials may be to “blame” for the downfall of brick-and-mortar and restaurants is largely due to #3 – we simply can’t afford them.

Jimmy Kimmel Confronts Jennifer Aniston

Jimmy confronts Jennifer about her Friendsgiving dinner and explains why he has a problem with it. Jennifer reveals that Jimmy’s daughter pooped in her backyard.

Watch the interview here