Getting Into The Holiday Spirits

Getting Into The Holiday Spirits

The Nightcap

Nightcap for December 8th, 2018


“My normal life is like being on holiday.” Valentino Rossi

Oreo Scrimmages

These days it seems the news is just a series of sad stories or pessimistic projections for the future. Our current state of affairs is so depressing, in fact, that mental experts (namely, Charles Figley) have coined the term “compassion fatigue” in response to the overwhelming and helpless feelings many of us experience when we watch, read, or listen to the news.

So, it’s often nice to catch a break and read of something good or even funny that’s happened in the world.

One group of teenage football players out of Northern Illinois decided to use Oreos for purposes other than dunking them in milk or consuming them. And while we at Night Cap can’t RECOMMEND you trying this at home, we certainly aren’t going to DISCOURAGE you from trying this at home.

Bonus points if it’s below 30 degrees!

2018’s Best Winter Beers

It’s December, so you’ve probably already switched everything from summer-mode to winter-mode (which means you’ve simply added socks to your wardrobe if you live in a place like Florida).

Parkas have been replaced with down jackets. Cold brew coffee have been replaced with peppermint lattes. Outdoor runs have been switched out for gym memberships and your Sundays are characterized with football on the big screen and chili in your belly.

But one thing you may not have switched to yet (and you really need to get on it) is winter Beers. Drinking Belgium wheats or Coronas just doesn’t cut it when it’s snowing outside and it looks like Santa threw-up on everything.

Whether you like IPAs, Stouts, Porters, or Ambers – here is a list of the top-rated winter beers for 2018.

Racist Christmas Tree Sends Messages of Hate and Fear

Recently a Christmas tree in a high traffic area was decorated with malt liquor and chicken boxes. Needless to say, Black people went nuts!

Being an African-American myself, I don’t know who to be more offended by the people who decorated the tree or other Blacks who immediately assumed the tree was geared toward us. Wow. What do you think?