Are You Up For The Challenge?

Are You Up For The Challenge?

The Nightcap

Nightcap for December 9th, 2018


“No dream is too big. No challenge is too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.” Donald Trump

From Stud to Dud

Something happens to the male brain when the mere mention or possibility of sex is on the table.

The brain just kind of goes haywire, extinguishing any possibility of rational or critical reasoning. Don’t believe me? Try solving a math problem or naming the last 8 U.S. Presidents while an attractive female is giving you a naked body massage. It’s damn near impossible.

Or you’re just an idiot. That’s always a possibility.

This short-circuitry of the brain also happens during mere communication with someone you’re attracted to. The brain goes dead and the recourse is that your mouth is bound to start spewing out dumb shit or nothing at all.

Here are 25 hilarious times men were being seduced by women, only to panic and respond in less-than-favorable ways.

Netflix Has Gone Naughty

Do you like porn? Do you like horror movies? If you answered with a resounding “hell yes!” to both, then boy do we have the movie for you.

Ok, that’s a little misleading. We don’t actually know of any porn movie with a “horror” theme – you’ll have to go to Pornhub for that. (Also… gross.)

However, what we DO have is a horror movie with a porn-theme.

Written by and based off ex-cam girl, Isa Mazzei’s, real-life experience with video pirating, this Netflix original thriller has just enough boobage and suspense to be thoroughly entertaining while not being too pervy or creepy.

While the movie’s synopsis sounds about as good as the 1995 cinematic flop, Showgirls, it actually has been surprisingly well-received and hailed by critics for its storyline and acting.

To learn more about this Cam Girl’s movie-making debut, click here.

If It Don’t Fit, Acquit

What happens when a game show tells a woman that she’ll win millions of dollars if she can only fit into an oncoming cutout of a skinny yoga image? Laughs happen, that’s what!

The look on this woman’s face when she sees the hollow image of a skinny cutout vastly approaching her is priceless! She didn’t know whether to run from the image or just go through it!

Watch this video to see what happens. Warning: be prepared to laugh hard!