The Fun Is Over

The Fun Is Over

The Nightcap

Nightcap for December 10th, 2018


“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” –
Mark Twain

The Tumblr Crackdown

You know what Santa ISN’T bringing you for Christmas this year? Porn.

If you heavily rely on the mega multimedia site, Tumblr, to get your fulfill of good ol’ fashion porn, you better get in as much screen time as possible.

Starting Dec. 17th, the popular website will ban all porn videos from its page, along with graphic photos of a sexual nature. So, you may want to get a head start and look elsewhere for your daily dose of T & A.

According to this article, the decision to officially ban adult-related content on Tumblr was primarily a proactive response to incidents of users uploading child pornography.

Don’t be too sad, though. You can still read cheesy erotica and watch cock fighting… just of the rooster-persuasion.

Fighting The Good Fight

While most fans have already forgotten about the Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder boxing match that occurred only a few days ago, some are calling attention to the OTHER fight Fury is still in – his constant battle with depression.

The 30-year-old boxer has publicly been forthcoming in his struggle with drug abuse and suicidal thoughts which, quite frankly, is just as impressive and praise-worthy as his physical prowess. Though incredibly common, very few male celebrities are transparent with their mental and emotional struggles, and I for one think the world needs more of these heroes.

Tyson (a.k.a.The Gypsy King) is projected to pocket about 8 million from his fight against Wilder. However, instead of buying a boat or investing it in property, the boxer is planning on donating all of it to a cause that has directly impacted his own, personal life.

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Black Friday Shopper Chaos and Destruction

What’s going on, people? What is it about Black Friday that drives people into a crazy rage?

This video proves that human beings—at least in America—are so programmed to spend money they don’t have that they will even hurt others to do it. It’s a very sad thing to watch, but somehow, deep inside, you can’t help but laugh!