There's A Right Way And There's A Wrong Way

There’s A Right Way And There’s A Wrong Way

The Nightcap

Nightcap for December 11th, 2018


“Quick decisions are unsafe decisions.” – Sophocles

Art of The Cuddle

Mastering the art of cuddling is an underrated skill, one that should be diligently practiced and perfected. Nothing is worse than being stuck in bed with a bad cuddler, just staring at the ceiling wondering if you should try to untangle yourself from this hot mess or awkwardly lay there for 8 hours until the other person peels themselves off you.

Cuddling is kind of like drinking: it can be quite enjoyable in small doses but shouldn’t continue all night, every night. Granted, there are couples out there who love cuddling so much, they practically sleep on top of each other…

And they’re effing weird.

The perfect cuddle involves finding that sweet spot where there is enough air flow between your two bodies to not overheat and your arm isn’t stuck in a weird angle or position that could potentially cause cramping.

In this video, John Stamos and Bob Saget demonstrate how to properly execute the perfect cuddle.

Intentions and Inventions

Happy little accidents are the best.

Finding $20 in your pant pocket while doing laundry… going to buy something only to learn that it’s on sale … smoking a bowl that you didn’t know was laced with LSD… all good stuff!

Such is often the case with inventions. A product may be created to fulfill a particular need, only to be used for a completely different set of needs or desire. For example, fidget spinners came to fruition as a means to calm kids with autism. However, they quickly became a wildly-popular novelty item that everyone and their mom seemed to have in their pocket or on their desk.

Here are 18 other, commonly used products that we’ve been apparently using wrong all these years.

Cell Phone Addiction is Real

Do you know someone who is so in love with their cell phone they can’t put it down, no matter what?

This can be tough to handle and even harder to help someone through. Well, help is here! This short video tackles the issue of cell phone addiction in a way that can’t be beat.

Check out this cartoon’s interpretation of a current phenomenon that is taking over our lives and claiming our souls!