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Nightcap for December 22nd, 2018


“Lesser artists borrow, great artists steal.” – Igor Stravinsky

Life-Hack: Dealing With Rejection

For such a judgmental society, we do NOT take rejection well at all.

We seem to have absolutely no qualms rolling our eyes at the lady in the checkout line that is taking forever or joking with our coworkers how obnoxious our boss is or flat-out rejecting that weaselly guy hitting on us at the bar. As humans, we are continually making judgment calls regarding people we have to interact with and our standards can be a bit high.

But when it comes to someone not liking us back, we either balk at the clear audacity and misjudgment of that person, or we take it way too personally.

Didn’t get the job you wanted? Got rejected by a guy you liked? Have a roommate that’s impossible to please? That’s not always a fundamental character flaw within yourself and it’s sometimes not something that can or should be fixed.

Here is a “life-hack” that actually CAN significantly better your life: How to accept the fact that not everyone is going to like you.

Reality TV

They say those who can’t do, teach. Whether the root of this aphorism was intended to be condescending or not, it certainly seems to be a tongue-in-cheek way of implying those who didn’t succeed at their passion were reduced to simply teaching it.

It’s an odd distinction to make – particularly when referring to the arts. Acting, writing, singing, drawing, performing – these are all things that simultaneously teach, embolden, and entertain others. Us mere “mortals” look to these medians as a way to escape or make sense of our own stressors and hurdles.

This concept is particularly true with comedians. Not only do they entertain and bring joy to us viewers. They expose their own faults, quirks, and demons to not only entertain us but to teach us how to make sense of our own internal battles.

And who better to teach us the art of self-acceptance than Melissa McCarthy? This article exemplifies just another reason why we love her so much.

The new old people are going to suck

What is it going to be like when Millenials turn into senior citizens?

Check out this comedian’s prediction here