Thinking About It

The Nightcap

Nightcap for December 31st, 2018


“The thoughtful soul to solitude retires.” – Omar Khayyam

Doing Your Part

I’d like to believe the majority of people in this world want to do right by the environment. Whether you recycle, cut back on the use of plastics, go vegan or just have a couple of plants in your yard – all such premeditated and proactive measures are commendable.

But to be honest, most of us just can’t bring ourselves to stop eating meat, no matter how aware we are of the environmental burden that results from raising animals for dietary purposes.

Luckily, certain animals cause more of a carbon imprint than others, so if you really want to help just cut these two animals from your diet.

Mary’s Room: A philosophical thought experiment

Imagine a neuroscientist who has only ever seen black and white things, but she is an expert in color vision and knows everything about its physics and biology.

If, one day, she sees color, does she learn anything new? Is there anything about perceiving color that wasn’t captured in her knowledge?

Here Eleanor Nelsen explains what this thought experiment can teach us about experience.

The Nature of Millennials

Millennials are set to inherit the Earth, but can they even?

Join David Suzuki as he takes a deep dive on the lives of Millennials.