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Nightcap for January 3rd, 2019


“Silence is the mother of truth.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Cards Against Walls

No more than just a few weeks ago, social media and the news was reporting on a Go Fund Me page that had purportedly raised millions to help fund the Trump Wall.

In its wake, cropped new Go Fund Me pages – one was to build ladders to climb over the imaginary structure and the other was to build tunnels to go underneath it.

How much of any of this was intended to truly fund any project, I have no idea. However, when Cards Against Humanity hears of these ventures/fund-raisers, they decided to get in on the fun. Only, they weren’t kidding around.

They raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and, with that money, took on a few weeks endeavors that will make it incredibly difficult for Trump to build a wall.

Here are the steps they took. (As if you needed any other reason to love Cards Against Humanity?)

Camping In a Winter Wonderland

If you live in a cold climate in which the changing of the seasons is as highly anticipated as the sports and activities you get to enjoy once that new season has taken effect – you know how exciting it is when that first snowflake hits terrain.

Winter is great. It’s not particularly fun scraping ice off your car’s windshield at 6 am in below zero temperatures. However, if you enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, ice skating, or a whole plethora of other, winter sports – the ice-scraping is just a minor nuisance.

According to this one fearless adventurer, you should add camping to the list of winter activities you partake in. Apparently, it’s far less awful as it sounds.

Would you do it?

2018, in 5 minutes

Another year, another end-of-year video.

Watch here