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Nightcap for January 26th, 2019


“Silence is true wisdom’s best reply.” – Euripides

Getting Old

If you have parents that are pushing 65 or older, more than likely you’ve noticed a few things.

Old people get grouchier, more ornery, and everything seems to hurt including things you didn’t even know COULD hurt – like earlobes and fingernails.

I used to think my parents were being melodramatic, but I turned 35 this year and I gotta say… it’s almost like this switch turned on and my brain was like “Whelp! You had a good run. Now, I’m about to make your life a living hell.” I swear, it even did that creepy Dr Evil laugh – hand gestures and all.

In this stand-up routine, comedian Kermet Apio explains how quickly the world becomes a land mine when your turn 40 and how everyday activities like brushing your teeth become sudden health hazards.

Dirty Jobs

It’s an old, cautionary tale told ad nauseam to young kids around the world that are refreshingly optimistic and unwaveringly vulnerable: “marry a doctor,” “become a lawyer,” (or even better), “become a lawyer and marry a doctor.”

As a society, we put a lot of emphasis on certain careers because they are affluent, respected, and require intelligence. They also seem to have a relatively high rate of job security. And who wouldn’t want those things for themselves or their children?

Here’s what they don’t tell you, though: it takes TONS of years and TONS of money to get that degree or certification (which is absolutely worth it if that’s your passion). But having the title “doctor” doesn’t necessarily equate to a life of happiness and luxury.

Plus, there are hundreds of trade jobs available that require very little schooling and can provide a damn cozy life for you and your family – as this article out of the National Review points out.

Jennifer Aniston Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

Ellen knows a lot about her good friend Jennifer Aniston, but she ended up learning a couple of new things – like what Jennifer likes doing at home while naked, and why she was dressed as a cop at a concert – all during a round of “Burning Questions.”

Watch here