Oh No You Didn’t

The Nightcap

Nightcap for January 28th, 2019


“What you don’t do can be a destructive force.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Haters Gonna Hate and Cheaters gonna Cheat

I’m going to start this article by admitting that I had no idea kids still participated in school science fairs. I don’t have any rational reasoning as to why I assumed they had become archaic (except maybe I didn’t know middle schoolers did ANYTHING that didn’t involve an iPad).

Secondly, what little I remember of school fairs is a bleak landscape of cardboard cutouts that the parents usually helped with and unenthused kids standing around, picking their noses and haphazardly droning on about star consolations or why your pee smells weird after you eat asparagus.

However, this one kid out of Kentucky apparently has strong science-fair game and is calling out Tom Brady on HIS game in an epic experiment that has since gone viral.

Check it out here.

Commercial Controversy

The Super Bowl In unarguably one of the biggest events every year in American pop culture. (Except for maybe who won American Idol. That’s still a show, right?)

Even people who don’t normally follow or care for football usually will spend their day watching the big game while noshing out on delicious food and hollering at the refs like they can hear you.

At the very least, people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.

Unfortunately, the quality of these commercials seems to diminish every year. Maybe that’s because companies realize there isn’t a lot of financial return on regular televised ads. Maybe it’s because companies aren’t willing to push boundaries and topics anymore. Or maybe it’s because stations like CBS are banning any commercials worth actually watching.

That’s right. CBS recently banned a powerful commercial that spoke to the necessary health benefits of medical marijuana.

Watch the commercial here and tell us what you think? Should it have been banned?

Millennial Millions – SNL

‘Glass’ star Sarah Paulson isn’t part of the 80 million households that have streamed ‘Bird Box.’ Even though she’s in it.

Say What!?

Watch her interview with Stephen Colbert