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Nightcap for January 29th, 2019


“The remedy is worse than the disease.” – Francis Bacon

Staying Alive

There are two things you should know if you are going to get anywhere in life. The first is how to do CPR. The second is knowing everything there is to about the cult-classic TV show, The Office. British or American. Pick your poison. It doesn’t really matter.

There are so many hysterical scenes from the Office that it’s hard to narrow down which ones are the most epic, but the scene in which Michael (played by Steve Carrel) requires his team to learn CPR when Stanley (Leslie David Baker) has a heart attack, has to be one of the best scenes in cinematic history.

But not just because it truly is one of the funniest scenes ever.

Apparently, it also helped a man save another woman’s life because (who knew) the plot was actually based on quite a few truths regarding CPR.

Learn about the facts here. Then, go binge watch the show or join your local YMCA CPR training class, ASAP. It could be the difference in saving a life.

Drying up “Down There”

If you’ve never smoked or ingested weed, then you can probably just go ahead and skip over this article because you probably won’t be able to relate.

Unless of course, you’re looking for further evidence to buttress your clean lifestyle. Then, by all means, continue…

For those of you who have partaken in the “devil’s lettuce,” there is a chance you’ve noticed some not-so-desirable side-effects.

Forgetfulness, laziness, the munchies, and cotton mouth are just a few of the adverse consequences you can experience when smoking pot. By the way, I’m not knocking marijuana – generally speaking, I think the pros outweigh the cons. I am just stating facts.

One thing you may not have noticed if you were born with an XX chromosome AND a propensity for weed is that your hoo-ha can feel like the Sahara Desert if you get stoned regularly. And that shit ain’t good for NOBODY involved.

If you have experienced this frustrating phenomenon, you aren’t alone or crazy. Here’s why dry vag happens and what you can do to diminish the incidence.

Virgin Hunk – SNL

Dolton (James McAvoy), a virgin, meets with the women (Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, Ego Nwodim, Kate McKinnon, Melissa VillaseƱor, Heidi Gardner) who are vying for his heart.

Watch here