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Nightcap for January 30th, 2019


“He that hopes no good fears no ill.” – Thomas Fuller

Jesus: The GOP’s Hype man

It’s hard not to laugh at just how ridiculous and ironic the Catholic Church (and any of its sister religions) have gotten with regards to how believers view Jesus and how they use that word to dictate their own behavior.

Now, I’m certainly not saying ALL God-fearing followers of Christian faith are hypocrites. That would be an outlandish and unfair generalization to make.

What I AM saying is that what Jesus preached and grew his platform on was significantly different to how people currently treat their fellow man.

I’m not here to vindicate nor admonish religious people’s actions. I’m just saying if you’re entire life’s value is surrounded by a man who died for you thousands of years ago, the LEAST you could do is try following some of his basic commandments.

This satirical video cleverly suggests what Jesus Christ would be like if he were to come to earth right now.

Pro-Health and Happiness

Think about your last relationship.

When did it begin and when did it end? Was there an exact moment you fell in love? An exact time you can pinpoint in which feelings of lust and admiration evolved into undeniable love? Conversely, when you two broke up, was there an exact moment or event that cemented such a painful fate?

Some of you might be able to answer “yes” to both proposed questions. However, most of you won’t because that’s generally not how love nor breakups work. We’re a complicated species and emotions are incredibly hard to navigate. Also, they rarely live by measurable units of time but instead by natural “ebb and flows,” making their existence all the more convoluted and confusing.

Just as with the case of love and heartbreak, abortion can be equally conflicting and confusing.

You may be unwaveringly against healthy people aborting healthy babies and that makes perfect sense. However, your opinion might change if a 12-year-old was raped by her uncle. Or having the baby would jeopardize both the life of the mother AND the infant.

It’s for these reasons that the term “pro-life” is so misguided. You can be “pro-a-good-and-healthy-life” but, unfortunately, this not the perfect Utopian society in which we live.

So the question remains – can you be both pro-life AND pro-abortion?

According to this editorial, you certainly can be.

Dax Shepard Wasn’t Sure He Wanted to be with Kristin Bell

Dax Shepard and Kristin Bell don’t seem like a good match on paper, and Dax thought the same thing when they first met, but he explains what it was that made such an unlikely pair work so well.

Watch the interview here