DJ Good or Die

The Nightcap

Nightcap for January 31st, 2019


“Music like religion, unconditionally brings in its train all the moral virtues to the heart it enters, even though that heart is not in the least worthy.” – Jean Baptiste Montegut

Death of a DJ

Look, I can understand being disappointed by a musical act, and even letting them know they *ahem* suck via various vocal means. But killing them – just for dropping the ball on the music – seems like a bit much from where I’m sitting.

A DJ was reportedly killed by concertgoers for playing “boring music” at a nightclub in Uganda. Talk about a harsh crowd…

According to Kenyan news outlet SDE, the victim was a university student who DJed on the side. As he performed a mob grew angry over his song selections, eventually attacking and killing him.

The attack reportedly occurred at a nightclub in northern Uganda. The head of security for the affected district, William Bob Labeja, spoke about the attack and blamed the nightclub for allowing it to happen.

Alongside Labeja’s cries for the nightclub’s closure, the community has tried to stop nightclubs from opening up repeatedly through laws passed in 2011 that prevented them from receiving licenses to operate. I guess Uganda has a wild rave scene.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time a music maker has had their life cut short for crappy tunes in the region either. A similar attack occurred in 2014 when Zimbabwean concertgoers attacked and killed a DJ – also for playing “boring music”. Jeez; African music fans are serious.

Coked Up British Eels, Ohh My!

In the UK researchers have found that cocaine flushed into rivers is making critically endangered eels “hyperactive” and threatening their survival. Modern problems indeed…

Apparently when cocaine users – hopefully a category one won’t find themselves in – finish up with the stuff it continues along a whole beautiful reverse food chain of cocaine usage that includes eels. Traces of the drug riddle the various waterways after passing through users’ bodies and could be causing serious health problems for wildlife, according to the study.

Previous research has found residues of illegal drugs including cocaine, amphetamines and ecstasy in European lakes and rivers, including the famed British Thames. The drugs end up in surface waters in highly populated areas after passing through sewage treatment plants, but scientists say little is known about the ecological impact.

Research has apparently begun to try to determine how the health of the eels might suffer as a result. And by ‘research’ I of course mean they’re throwing more eels in cocaine water and watching what happens

Do Planes Have Fart Filters?

It’s a weird but interesting question.

I all started off when a Twitter user excited the internet with statistics suggesting passengers expel around 368 liters (that’s about 13 cubic feet) of gas during the average flight.

They of course did what any rational person would do upon discovering they’ve been wading in farts and demanding Delta install ‘fart filters.

Turns out there already kind of is one and the explanation Delta was generous enough to give was actually incredibly interesting.