Too Much Love…

The Nightcap

Nightcap for February 1st, 2019


“The fate of love is that it always seems too little or too much.” – Amelia Barr

1,2,3,4… There’s Always Room For More!

Inarguably, we are living in a society significantly different from that of our parents. Divorce is on the rise, gay people are demanding ceremonial cakes, fewer people are having babies, gender constructs are being knocked down, and woman are moving up the corporate latter without having to use their “assets.”

Even more progressive is the way people are viewing and pursuing relationships. Some people choose not to get married, believing it to be an archaic, religious institution.

Then, there are some people that are really on the fringe and seem to want their cake and eat it, too!

Meet the women that subscribe to the
polyamorous lifestyle – one in which they have more than one boyfriend. Some may call such a lifestyle weird. Others may call it slutty and sacrilegious. But the people IN them call it “an effing blast!”

Read their stories here.

Bundy and Oblivian

We say it all the time. It’s become such a popular mantra uttered from every living room, restaurant, coffee shop, classroom, and social event – you would think we ACTUALLY meant it:


It’s a good principle to go by and, if everyone actually MEANT it, the presence of idiots, gold diggers, narcissist, trashy people, fame-seekers, and those with vapid souls would no longer appear on your television.

The problem is – most of us really don’t mean it. We are completely aware of how detrimental these reality shows are to our brains and a functioning society, but in the safe confines of our home after a long day, sometimes we just wanna watch bored, rich housewives duke it out on televised programming.

Where this unwarranted fame becomes a legitimate issue is when we give psychopaths and murders the attention and airtime they so desperately crave. Most narcissistic sociopaths are compelled to create heinous acts more for the attention than anything else. So, when we give it to them, we’re pretty much rewarding their atrocious acts of torture and violence.

As this one Vice article implores – STOP MAKING TED BUNDY RELEVANT! So many other people are far worthy of your time and admiration. And … ya know… didn’t dissemble 30 women.

Charmin – SNL

A focus group for a Charmin commercial goes awry.

Watch the skit here