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Nightcap for February 3rd, 2019


“We are all born mad. Some remain so.”
Samuel Beckett

Coffee, coffee, Coooofffffeeeeee!

There’s just certain people I don’t trust in life and I’ve learned to make peace with that, no matter how little it makes sense or how hard it is to justify my rationalize.

Here are a few types of people I just can’t be around: people that say “conversate” instead of “converse”, people that talk about Keto and Cross-Fit every second they can, people who eat vegan cheese, people that wear patchouli, people who’s Starbucks drink involves 18 words (5 of which I can’t even pronounce) and people that wear visors.

But more than anything, I don’t trust people that don’t drink coffee. I just don’t get it. How is that even possible?! Coffee to me is right up there with oxygen and orgasms, so I really have trouble believing people that don’t partake in coffee are “legit.”

And it’s because I feel so strongly regarding this matter, that I now present you with the BEST song ever made about coffee.

Drunks with Degrees

As a general rule, try not to share the sort of scientific “findings” I’m about to share with you because such studies usually have more glaring holes in them than Jenna Jameson.

In order for a study to be totally conclusive, it has to be studied extensively and with tons of participants and data to back up their findings. For example, a single experiment in which someone observes 15 people that drink gin and concludes that 9 of these 15 people are sociopaths does NOT necessarily mean all gin drinkers are sociopaths.

It just means they have really horrible taste in alcohol. BLECH!!!

But because it’s the internet and we as a society ADORE forwarding posts without questioning their validity – here is another study you can share with your friends.

Apparently, people who received their college degree and/or went on to higher education are significantly more likely to be heavy drinkers.

My personal opinion? It’s probably because they are trying to forget about their crippling college debt.

Learn more here

Jane Fonda Thinks It’s a ‘Miracle’ She’s Lived to Be 80

Oscar winner Jane Fonda is 80 years old, but she told Ellen that it’s a miracle she’s still alive, because she didn’t think she’d live to be this age.

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