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Nightcap for February 9th, 2019


“Only do what your heart tells you.” –
Princess Diana

Homo History

Recently, a huge change has been introduced into the learning curriculum of some district in some State. (Yeah, I realize that’s incredibly vague, but I was half-assed reading the article as the football game was on, so I was slightly distracted).

The article I perused inferred that, upon public pressure, history teachers would now have to spend a certain allotted time of the curriculum discussing significant cornerstones in the LBGT’s fight for equality. Examples of monumental events would be like the Stonewall Riots or Matthew Shepard’s death, or the first time a guy ever exhibited any real fashion sense.

I think it’s great. Hell, we discuss slavery and women’s suffrage and Native Americans getting slaughtered. Why not cover more new and relevant topics as well?

But we can’t take EVERYTHING too seriously, so here is a spoof video of what “homosexual” learning might look like.

High School Has A Whole New Meaning

About a week ago, an article went viral regarding a woman who had sought the advice of fellow “anti-vaxxers” on how to prevent her child from the current measles outbreak in her community.

The internet (being what it is) had a lot to say and went no holds-barred. Largely, the responses were downright hysterical and (really) the only reason the post went viral in the first place.

Well, as of yesterday, one school in Cleveland is making headlines because someone brought weed-spiked gummies to school and shared them with the class.

And yes, while this could be incredibly traumatizing for kids who have no idea what being high feels like… ya’ll… the comment section to this article is solid gold.

Dare you to not laugh your ass off.

Kendall Jenner Addresses Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Rumors

Kendall Jenner explained why she wasn’t in the family Christmas card this past year, and also addressed rumors about her sister Kylie Jenner, including whether she’s having another baby, and if her sibling’s boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, proposed during the Super Bowl.

Watch it all here