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Nightcap for 02/14/2019


Like What you do, and then you will do your best.
– Katherine Johnson

When Barbers Take Their Jobs A Bit Too Seriously

Have you ever gone to get a haircut only to spend hours in the barbershop because the barber is overly excited about his job? He studies the person’s head, he steps back a few times, he snips off a small bit of hair, and then he starts the entire process all over again. This can be somewhat frustrating…unless you are the person in the chair at the time. We all want our barbers to take their precious time and give us their very best when they are cutting our hair.

We want to look great, and we are willing to go through virtually anything to ensure that end result. In this video, we are graced with the opportunity to see a barber go for the gold as he uses his artistic talent, his body, his mind, and his soul to give the best haircut. You won’t be able to stop laughing when you see just how far he’s willing to go.

Although the video deals with an over-enthused barber, it still makes you think about how serious we as individuals are about our grooming. We take pets to be groomed, and we place pretty bows on their heads after they have their bath and haircut. In our situation, we walk out of the salon feeling like a million dollars, which is the beauty in the magic of what barbers can do.

Stylists have a way of making us feel good about ourselves, and they do this without much effort, or so it seems. This video helps us to see (through comedy) just how much effort stylists put into making us look and feel our very best. So, go ahead and give your barber an extra tip because they truly deserve it!

A Muscle Man Who Could Really Use Some Muscles

It’s so wonderful to see a program on television that displays the true strength of man! Bodybuilding competitions have been around for decades and they represent the power of man and his ability to push his body to the limit. This is all fine and dandy, but what happens when you have a young bodybuilder who just can’t cut the mustard? He tries to lift that one weight but no matter his efforts, he still fails miserably…and publicly.

This is the funniest video to watch; because of the great job it does in allowing us to see what we have all thought…the secret wish that one of the bodybuilders fails to pick up the weight they attempt to hold. You never see such a fail happen in reality, so to see it here is a true gem.

The best feature of this video, besides the comedy of it all, is the principle of never giving up. Although the guy tries and fails over and over again, he continues to try his best. Despite the laughter in the audience, the humiliation from his peers, the disappointment he must have felt in himself, he still persevered. Did he make it? Well, not exactly. But, you have to give him credit for not giving up despite the odds.

15 Foods To Reduce Your Heart Attack Risk By 80%

Our heart is one of the most important organs, but, surprisingly, we take care of it the least, loading it every day with stress and unhealthy diets. And that’s too bad because fatty food increases cholesterol levels, which leads to vascular plaques that prevent the heart from working correctly. In this video, you will get familiar with 15 products that perform all these activities! Some of them might surprise you with their health benefits!

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