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Nightcap for 02/21/2019


You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take

The Only Genre You Should Listen To

Everyone thinks they have a sense of what they would consider their favorite type of music; or genre per se. I’m talking about the songs you play on repeat, or play when you get the perfect chances even to play music. Well, I’m here to inform you that your favorite genre sucks, and you should be listening to what I’m about to suggest. You probably tell people that you love jazzy music and even have a thing for ambient sounds that inspire happy and chill vibes. Well, the only kind of music that expels the absolute drip of melodic masterpiece is known as “Lofi.”

The brain is constantly processing information and commanding the rest of your meat and bones in doing what you want. Studies show that music is a powerful tool to keep the brain calm and stimulated, like during the times you’re studying for a test that you’re about to ace. Or when you’re cooking cordon bleu for the lady friend and the soothing sound of the beat is in the background just waving through the air like the smoke off of a roaring 20’s cigarette.

As I’m writing this, there’s a Lofi Mix playing in the back that incentivizes the train of thought to just go. I implore to you as the reader, to consider taking a moment of your time and listen to Lofi. Rain or Shine, I am convinced that this kind of music will always bring about a better mood.

American School Of What???

There isn’t a high percentage of none Indian natives that can say they spent the last two years of their high school career in Mumbai, India (If that makes sense). Going to an International School in India can expose you to some pretty crazy stuff. It’s a pain in the ass to say that you’re leaving a first world country to live in a place that requires you to brush your teeth with bottled water instead of the faucet.

Clearly seeing that the caste system is alive and well in the world, you get a good sense of where you stand amongst the rest, which honestly can be dangerous. Going to class with the sons and daughters of millionaires sucks you into a world that can only be described as “NUTS.” Of course, we all had drivers, but when you’re kickin’ it with those that require bodyguards when you go out to the clubs at the age of 17, then you know you’re rockin’ with some high rollers.

It’s funny though, the first-hand exposure to things that people watch on the television can be quite life-changing, and us “kids” took full advantage of the opportunity placed in front of us. A lesson that came about was that living humbly is the basis of understanding the struggles of others on this rock in space. Take a minute to educate yourself on what others are suffering to see how truly fortunate you are.


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