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Nightcap for 02/25/2019


“Love thy neighbor – and if he happens to be tall, debonair and devastating, it will be that much easier.”
-Mae West

Take A Step Back From Faith For A Second

We all live in such a mysterious life. A life that can only be understood through what we perceive in our everyday experiences. A vast portion of this planet follows an identified path of faith and religious belief. These beliefs are followed so heavily that those who follow could never be deterred from it. So much so that segmented faiths bring about differences, and once the concept of difference is emplaced on one another then issues arise.

Each faith has its own God or Gods, which is pretty badass! The messages transpired throughout the centuries of these faiths correlate to more or less the same ideology. Heaven or Hell, God or Allah, Christian or Buddhist; these all play part in a much bigger picture. What’s the bigger picture you ask? Well if it isn’t obvious enough, then it’s to just be a GOOD PERSON damnit. Do right by others, and treat those in the way you would like to be treated. Hatred is a choice, but so is forgiveness.

Forget about the differences in faith; it’s all bull crap anyway. Stick to the foundation on which these religious beliefs derive from in the first place. Maybe consider the kind of money that is consumed by these establishments. Or even the kind of power money has on those who run these establishments. Good overcomes evil…always. So be kind to thy neighbor, even if it pains you to. Those who look past the differences in others really get to see a brighter and clearer picture of our society today.


What Are You Sheltering Your Kids From?

There are three types of parents in the realm of what we call a “Nuclear Family.” First being the strict as hell parents that don’t even let their children lay their eyes upon a rated PG-13 film. Second, are the parents that are too relaxed and let their kids do whatever they want and spoil their little monstrous heart out. And third are those parents that are literally in the middle of the First and second type of parents. These type of parents are the ones that raise children that feel more encouraged to understand the world as it is and embrace the straight facts of life.

If you believe that your kids shouldn’t be allowed to do certain things at a younger age like paint balling or scuba diving, then that’s pretty understandable. But withholding them from watching movies or listening to music that have explicit content inhibits the child from actually grasping the realities within our society. When your kid is 15, and you’re making them go to bed before 10 or 11 then you need to chill out and let them stay up later to spend more time with you. Don’t be so much of an asshole to your kid; every day is a good day to learn for youngsters like that, so try to take the time to at least teach them something. Don’t just leave it all up to the schools to be the ones to teach your child everything (the education system is flawed for many kids anyway).

My point is, keeping things from your child’s life will deprive them of truly seeing most of what goes on socially. Sure… Maybe I’m talking about sex scenes, head explosions from gunshots and things that relate to death. Help them understand that these things are real life to a certain degree because those kinds of things should be comprehended by someone at the age of 8 or 9 years old. Have a sit down with the family for movie night sometime and watch the original Predator movies, that’ll really stir up the conversation. With the proper upbringing, these types of realities will allow your child to have a stronger sense of what it’s like to be “Human.”


Nike Investigates Duke Star’s Broken Shoe

Zion Williamson, projected to be the No. 1 pick in this year’s NBA draft, injured his knee when his sneaker tore apart during Duke’s latest game against UNC.