Keep Calm And Carry On

The Nightcap

Nightcap for 02/26/2019


“You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.”
-Conrad Hall

Take Chances For Christ Sake

Stepping into the unknown, feeling held back by nerves, jumping the hurdle of confidence. You’d be lying if this doesn’t apply to you in the slightest.

Those who grow up in the same place around the same people, living in the same house may never encounter as much of a struggle as this. It’s human to be nervous about things… In fact, if you don’t get nervous by anything, then you might want to get that checked out.

However, sometimes we just need to switch things up.

Confidence in one’s self factors in a lot. Social interactions for one usually result in one of two things… acceptance or rejection. We worry so much about outcomes we limit ourselves and refuse to take risks.

My word of advice? Don’t sweat rejection because no matter what your perspectives are we all still live in the here and now… so we might as well get over it and move on and to adapt to the future.

If you feel that an environmental change is essential, don’t be too timid to take the first step. After the first step is made, then the next steps will come easier.

Hindering the unknown from being a part of your life will only lead to more self-doubt and dampen the strive for happier living. Pitfalls occur everywhere and at any time. If you haven’t experience pitfalls you should probably expand on the decisions you make for yourself.

Here are more reasons to take chances at work


A Popular Tool People Used To Steal Music Back In The 2000s?

The internet is a powerful tool that enhances the knowledge and public outreach of the everyday individual. Now that we have approached 2019, the power that the internet holds is quite scary, but also amazing to say the least.

You can download anything if you know how to find it, and you can find anything if you know what to look through. Just that concept alone is terrifying because we now hold so much in the palm of our hands or in these little gadgets we call cell phones.

Some may wonder, “Where did people get their illegal content when the internet wasn’t as vast as it is now?” Well, my friend, it was called “Limewire”, and it was incredibly illegal to possess.

Limewire was used by those who neglected to pay for music, movies, and other things that were “Seeded” by hosts. Hosts uploaded content for others to use, and they were anonyms to a high degree. There were no payments needed for seeding a movie that was uploaded to the network. Nor were there any payments to own the Limewire application itself.

It would have been even better without the occasional virus or two… but damn was it worth it.

Although you don’t hear about Limewire now, it was a popular tool that introduced a cyberculture that is now embedded into our everyday uses of the internet.


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