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Nightcap for 03/01/2019


“I think you have to pay for love with bitter tears.” – Edith Piaf

Flipping The Bird

In the past, when I would pass a bunch of cops and fire trucks on the side of the road or see a gaggle of them blaring their horns and lights mid-chase, I naturally assumed something pretty bad and significant happened.

After all, why would you need so many firemen, cops, and E.M.T.s if it wasn’t a precarious situation?

That’s what I USED TO assume. Then, I had the misfortune of locking myself out of my house about a year ago. I was left with no choice but to call dispatch for help, the sheriff, five police officers, 7 firemen, and a freaking SWAT TEAM showed up to my place.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m incredibly grateful for all those brave young men and women that showed up to help pick a lock, I really am. But it seemed rather excessive and made me wonder how much of our tax dollars go toward unnecessary, over-the-top immediate responders.

Recently, a parrot in London got stuck on a rooftop and, eventually, firefighters were called to the scene to help get the bird down (because bird whispering is part of fire training, apparently).

But this cheeky parrot was not having any of it, and the outcome was pure gold.

Keeping The Streets Safe

Around the turn of the 21st century, when the party drug “ecstasy” started REALLY gaining popularity within the rave scene, there was a wave of accidental overdoses due to “bunk” pills.

In other words, MDMA was being cut with other chemicals that were incredibly harmful. (Or at least, more harmful than the actual drug the consumer was INTENDING to take.)

In this particular situation, people were dying of extreme electrolyte imbalances because they would drink tons of water but weren’t able to actually sweat or excrete any of that water, causing the user to essentially “drown” themselves. It was bizarre and nothing anyone had heard of, causing a widespread societal panic both within the rave scene and outside.

The solution? A company called DrugSafe came out. They were a non-profit organization that tested pills to make sure they were pure and not cut with anything insidious.

To say that DrugSafe was controversial is a gross understatement. To most people, it was like setting up a condom table at a church that practiced celibacy.

Well now, with the widespread epidemic of heroin use and heroin overdoses worldwide, the UK is looking to pass and enforce laws that would help distribute “safe” heroin.

Could this concept just be crazy enough to work?

The Wisdom Of Bruce Lee

Martial arts teaches individuals many things about themselves and their environment. One of the greatest martial artists of all time is Bruce Lee.

This video shows all the wisdom learned by Bruce Lee over the years.