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Nightcap for 03/03/2019


“One today is worth two tomorrows.” – Benjamin Franklin

An Alternative Reality

People love fantasy and sci-fi for numerous reasons. However (generally speaking) most fans gravitate toward these categories of books and movies because they go beyond the boundaries or reality and flirt with alternative realities.

People who enjoy fantasy and sci-fi love that they can mentally escape into a different world, not confined by the restrictions of reality and the real world.

But even genres rooted in reality often do not reflect real world interactions. For example, only in movies and tv shows can policemen kick down doors. And only in the movies can a character recite a well-articulated, powerful speech without stuttering, blundering, or tripping over their words. But because we’re so accustomed to seeing this on the big screen, we don’t second guess the logistics or if it could even happen in today’s society.

Here are 26 other things that occur on-screen that nobody ever really questions.

Don’t Be Such A Crab

I don’t think I have to tell you but in case you weren’t aware – there’s some weirdass stuff on the internet.

From information that makes you go “huh” to videos that make you want to stab your eyes out – the internet is a cacophony of human interaction and imagination that often pushes one’s comfort level to the brink.

No matter how cool, funny, or disturbing something is that you manage to stumble across on Reddit or YouTube, one thing is for sure – people have way too much time on their hands.

Recently, live footage of a crab giving birth and then eating her offspring went viral. And while the video itself was a sight to behold, it was the reaction of viewers that made this video worth the 45 secs out of your life.

Here were just a few of the oh-so-relatable and hilarious reactions from viewers (most of which clearly have bred).

Shockingly enough, I think PETA is one of the few that DIDN’T weigh in.

How a Tattoo Can Get You Detained by ICE

Tattoos are the most common way ICE and federal immigration agents determine an individual’s gang affiliation, but what actually qualifies as a gang tattoo is left up to enormous interpretation. A gang affiliate label can be the sole basis for asylum denials, detention without due process, and deportation.

Because of this, tattoo removal clinics are seeing an unprecedented spike in immigrants, asylum seekers, and even DACA recipient seeking to remove their tattoos in fear of how this could affect their immigration status.

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